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Interpretation of Company LOGO

The logo takes Saite's Chinese phonetic alphabet "S" and "T" as design elements, lays the company's main product "O" circle as the graphic design outline, takes Saite's "wisdom blue" as the main tone, vividly and accurately conveys Saite's commitment to "making Chinese wisdom" and creating the most sealed "enterprise vision and ambition!"

The logo combines the unique hieroglyphic meanings of "S" and "T", and forms a hieroglyphic capital letter''S'by superimposing two O-rings horizontally and vertically, implying that the two O-rings are interlinked and dripping is not leaking; the letter "T" is not simple, implying the unique and innovative technology of Set!

The outer circle of the logo is designed with a large oval "O" shaped circle as its outline, which further symbolizes the integrity of the Seth people and creates a complete and unchanged original intention!

The logo "S" and "T" is not only the abbreviation of Chinese phonetic alphabet, but also the abbreviation of the English letter "seals" and "technology", which implies the company's aim of driving development by technological innovation and winning the future by product and service.

The elliptical outline symbolizes the pursuit of internationalization and globalization of Wuhan Set. The overall shape is similar to the two interlocking "o" rings embedded in the sealing parts that need to be installed in a unique way. It implies the value-related body of Set Company's "bonding" and "connecting", and the marketing concept of "creating value together, cooperating and win-win".


    Become the Most Tree-setting Enterprise for China's Intelligent Manufacturing and Sealing Industry for One Hundred Years
    As one of the professional manufacturers in the field of floating seals in China, Saite aims to be the leading and respected supplier of products and services in the field of heavy industry chassis walking parts and planetary deceleration parts, aiming at "seeking the best but not the most expensive".

    Enterprise mission

    Committed to providing users with safe, reliable and highly cost-effective sealing products
    While adhering to the road of technological innovation, Saite aims at cost-driven, absorbs and digests advanced technology at home and abroad, independently develops domestic excellent production technology and equipment, quickly occupies the domestic and international high-end market with competitive quality and cost advantages, and makes every effort to provide products and services of value for money, so as to make customers more competitive.

    Enterprise spirit

    People-oriented, quality-oriented and persistent pursuit of excellence
    Saite company has a good tradition of people-oriented and quality-oriented. Under the guidance of Saite spirit, Saite people treat every process with a rigorous working attitude; adhere to everyone's responsibility for quality, product and continuous improvement; and strive for perfection to ensure that each product can meet or exceed customer satisfaction!

    Enterprise purpose

    Quality First, Technological Innovation Service First, Continuous Improvement
    As one of the most important and low value-added components of chassis of construction machinery, Saite people always remember the high-quality trust and trust of customers, take "a small product, but bear a great responsibility" rooted in their hearts, adhere to the "innovation leads the future, quality creates brand" initiative, and move forward!

    Management idea

    Honesty, Business, Benevolence, Innovation and Self-improvement
    For the sake of business integrity, Saite always regards the practice of user and employee and social commitment as the criterion for business to do things for people. The company firmly believes that the motivation for success comes from employees. The company respects every employee, pays attention to the contribution of every employee, and strives to create a good environment for every employee to develop their potential. The company insists on and cherishes the high-quality trust and expectation given by our partners. All employees consciously strive upward and never slack, and constantly seek new and improved products to meet the increasing demands of customers, so as to achieve "value creation, win-win cooperation"!

    Management policy

    Market-Oriented Operation, Quality-Oriented Competition and Talented Personnel as the Core of Management
    Set company has established a customer-centered rapid response mechanism, timely communication with customers, and at the first time feedback customer information to the company, striving to achieve or exceed customer expectations of high-quality performance; the company adheres to the commitment of "personality determines products, quality is more important than Mount Tai", in orderly market competition, adhere to quality opening, brand wins; Practicing talent is the first capital of an enterprise. Through effective talent management mechanism, people can make the best use of their talents. Enterprises and employees depend on each other, grow together and develop together.
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